All clear given after suspicious item left outside Madill Walmart Wednesday morning

MADILL, Okla. (KXII) - Madill Police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Bomb Squad have now cleared the scene after someone left a suspicious item left outside Walmart Wednesday morning.

Madill police said they got a call from Walmart around 9:30 Wednesday morning.

Donny Raley, public information officer for the department, said a witness saw a man leave the tote on the north side of the parking lot, close to the store.

'Because of the suspicious nature of how it was left in the parking lot, where it was located, we decided to go ahead and take the safe precaution and call the OHP Bomb Squad, have them come out and deem the tote safe," Raley said.

Officials cleared the area but the store remained open.

Customers were able to go in and out of the store on the south side.

"We didn't feel that it was really a harm to be on the inside of the business at the time," Raley said.

The bomb squad used a device to x-ray the tote and used a robot to open it.

They said the tote had a white trash bag in it, filled with smaller baggies.

The baggies had a residue and smell of marijuana.

Madill police said there was no heightened sense of urgency in light of recent events at other Walmart stores around the country.

"We just knew the situation called for us to want to deem it safe," Raley said. "We didn't even let the other events play into our decision making on that."

No suspects have been named at this time and police say there is no danger to the public.

"We would rather err on the side of caution every single time and make sure that the customers that come into this business know that they're safe," Raley said.

Madill Police Department said it will examine the tote more closely and review the surveillance video from Walmart to help identify the man who left it.