Search continues for burglars who shot Bonham man

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BONHAM, Tex. (KXII) - Police in Bonham are searching for two men they believe shot a man Monday night after he confronted them when they tried to break into his girlfriend's car.

Stephanie Wessels said her boyfriend, Doug Callas, came home after a dinner run to find two men breaking into her car their townhouse on Albert Broadfoot Street near West Russell Avenue. When he pulled into the driveway, Callas saw two men inside their garage.

((911 call))
(Operator): "911 what is your emergency?"
(Caller): "Well there's an emergency at 1917 Albert Broadfoot in the back of the condos. The man is hollering that he's been shot."

Police described the suspects as two African American males with medium builds, one wearing a gold jacket, the other a plaid jacket around 8:30 Monday night.

Wessells says Callas tried to stop them, saying he had had gun and told them to leave.

That's when he was shot above the right knee and in the right hip with a .40 caliber pistol, and was flown to a Plano hospital for treatment.

"He is a private security investigator and does carry and informed them of that. One immediately ran and the other guy turned around and shot him," (Wessels)

Neighbor Scott Hayes says the neighborhood is typically quiet.

"I never hear about shootings around here. Maybe one last year and now one this year, I mean it's crazy. There were cops everywhere when I walked outside the house," he said.

In fact last year a man died in a domestic dispute just down the street.

Wessels says Callas is awake, but needed surgery Tuesday afternoon.

"So it is scary to think of all the nights that we sit in our backyard or sit in the garage or leave the garage door open, we shouldn't have to be scared like that in a small community," Wessels told us.

Bonham police say the two suspects dropped three screwdrivers on the ground, and appeared to be heading south after fleeing the scene. They say the case remains an active investigation.