Police urge drivers to slow down after crashes near Highway 75 construction

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - The biggest road construction project in Grayson County this century has begun on Highway 75 in south Sherman.

Police are urging drivers to slow down after a series of crashes over the past couple of weeks.

"It was backed up on the way to McKinney, on the way back it was pretty smooth sailing," driver Wesley Resendiz said.

Resendiz works in Sherman, and said he drives on Highway 75 about three times a week.

He said traffic was backed up Tuesday morning, and added to his travel time.

"It added about 15 minutes on my time," Resendiz said.

Sherman police Sgt. Brett Mullen said the speed limit has changed from 75 miles per hour to 60, on Highway 75 from the FM 1417 exit to Loy Lake Road.

Mullen is urging drivers to slow down in construction zones, especially since police have responded to multiple accidents on Highway 75 over the past two weeks.

"We've had eight total accidents in that area where the construction is affecting the highway, five of those have been minor accidents and three have been with reported injuries," Mullen said.

The construction is part of the Highway 75 Highway 82 gap project, the largest TxDOT project in Grayson County since the 1980s, valued at more than $154 million.

Resendiz said he made sure to slow down.

"I've noticed the signs slowing down to 60 earlier, and I noticed them on the way back," Resendiz said.

Mullen said the purpose of speed limit change is to hopefully prevent future crashes.

"Our main goal here is to get people to obey the speed limit, if we can do that with a verbal warning we'd rather do that than write tickets," Mullen said.

This is the first phase of the project, and it is expected to take about three years total.

According to TxDOT, traffic fines double in work zones when workers are present and can cost you up to $2,000.