Police warn holiday shoppers to watch out for fake cash

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII0-- Police are warning holiday shoppers to be on the look out for fake cash, after a store fell victim to counterfeit money last week.

"The majority of our business picks up a lot when holidays start to come," Makenzie Lima of Wright's Customs in Ardmore said. "You know, you can always do something for someone's car as a gift."

Lima says she regularly deals with large amounts of cash, selling car stereos and other accessories. That's why she was concerned to hear eight counterfeit $50 bills were passed at Dollar General just across the street a few days ago.

"It definitely makes me want to pay a little more attention," Lima said. "We do pay attention, but it makes you want to take that double look, just in case."

Ardmore Police Captain Keith Ingle says the crime is an unfortunate holiday trend.

"This time of year, Christmas time, everybody's busy, and everybody's trying to get their shopping in," Ingle said. "Stores are a lot more crowded, so people try to take advantage of that by bringing in counterfeit bills."

Ingle says don't walk away from a transaction without taking a good look at your money, especially during the holidays.

"Look and feel. If it doesn't feel right, if it doesn't look right, if the serial numbers are the same," Ingle said. "Slow down, be careful, be vigilant when you're dealing with money, and make sure its the real deal."

Ingle says counterfeit detection is fairly easy in many cases, but he stresses you just have to slow down and look. And if you ever feel uneasy, he says don't hesitate to call police.

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