Pontotoc Ninja Warrior comes to Ada Saturday, benefiting Ada Boys & Girls Club

Published: Jul. 28, 2019 at 9:51 PM CDT
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Danny Manuel has competed on American Ninja Warrior twice in 2014 and 2019.

American Ninja Warrior is a TV show where contestants go through obstacles that require balance and strength.

Even though Manuel did not win, he is now excited to bring the experience home with the Ponototoc Ninja Warrior competition.

"The show's popular right now and I'm excited to get to do this because we're trying to do good for our club and also encourage people to be healthy and active," Manuel said.

The goal is to raise money for the Ada Boys and Girls Club to fund after school and summer programs.

Taylor Howard with the club said everyone was on board when Manuel suggested the idea.

"I was really excited about it because I think that it's something that's very unique, that southern Oklahoma really hasn't ever got to experience," Howard said. "I thought we could get a huge crowd out of this and, hopefully, make this an annual event that is going to benefit the boys and girls club for years to come."

There will be three courses for ages four and up, each course featuring six to eight obstacles.

Some of the obstacles featured are of Manuel's own design and inspiration.

"So this is a great opportunity to use the experience that I've had and my creative side and my ability to build stuff and do something good for my community," Manuel said.

Unlike the TV show, contestants will have the opportunity to attempt each obstacle to score points

However, instead of getting eliminated when contestants cannot complete an obstacle, they can move on and try other obstacles.

Manuel said more than 50 contestants have signed up from all over the region as far as Illinois and expects that number to rise to 200 by Saturday.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 10 adults to complete the finals:

1st Place: $1000

2nd Place: $750

3rd Place: $500

4th - 10th Place: $100

The first adult woman to place out side of the top three (4th through 10th) will also get a $100 prize bonus.

Kids can go through the courses at no cost. The adult entree fee is $50.

"It's important that we invest in our children and invest in their futures. This is a great way to give back," Manuel said.

The competition begins Sat. Aug. 3 at 10 a.m. at the Pontotoc County Agri-plex.