Pontotoc Co. couple facing charges for child molestation

PONTOTOC COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) A Pontotoc Co. couple accused of sexually abusing a boy for about a year could be facing trial.

The couple were arrested in Pontotoc Co. in March, Thursday Jake Few and Twila Few appeared in court for their preliminary hearing.

We asked Twila and Jake if they had anything to say, Jake responded - "Not really, thank you though."

An affidavit states Cleveland Co. deputies first responded to a domestic disturbance in December.

According to the affidavit, Twila was upset with her husband Jake and had threatened to leave him because he wanted to become a woman.

It goes on to say Twila admitted that Jake made her perform sexual acts on a nine-year-old boy at least 6 times - mainly at their Stonewall home.

The Stonewall police looked into the allegations before it was handed to the Sheriff's Office.

"When the child was initially interviewed, (he) didn't make a disclosure anything happening," Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian said. "Later on, new additional information was provided and at that point we stepped in."

Three months after that first interview, the boy admitted the sexual acts happened.

The Few's were interviewed later that month.

"Jake Few gave a statement to the deputy about what he had observed stating that he wasn't apart of it but that he observed it," Sheriff Christian said.

Thursday in court Twilia didn't say much but Jake turned to us to ask if we were new because we seemed quiet and timid.

After presenting the graphic details of what Twila is accused of doing to the boy and what Jake is accused of allowing and watch happen, the judge ruled the case to trial.

"You often wonder why, why is this occurring, what satisfaction could anybody get out of mentally, physically or sexually abusing a child," Sheriff Christian said. "I never understood that and will never understand that and we aggressively pursue those cases and take them to the very end."

Jake faces three counts of enabling child sexual abuse.

Twila faces three counts of lewd molestation.

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