Pontotoc County Sheriff investigates threatening social media post

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PONTOTOC COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - Sheriff John Christian is urging parents to monitor what their children are doing on social media, after a student in Roff used the Instagram app to make threats against the school.

Sheriff John Christian says deputies were notified of the threat last Thursday.

He says a 13-year-old boy threatened to shoot up the school the next day.

"The young man had the opportunity, had the firearms that he could've come to school and done that, if he wanted to," Christian said.

But Roff schools are closed on Fridays, so a lockdown wasn't necessary.

The boy is now in a juvenile detention center.

"He certainly didn't intend to be as serious as it turned out to be, but you know you can't construe it other than a threat," Christian said.

Christian says threats are nothing to joke about, and can even lead to jail time.

"People are scared to death that somebody's gonna walk into a school, again, and shoot up their children," He said.

A Byng student was questioned Friday morning after an Instagram post led officers to believe he'd shoot up the school.

Sheriff Christian says after investigating, they found that the post wasn't a threat.

"They were immediately letting their parents know what was going on, He said,"from that I think it just kinda got out of hand."

"It's sad it's become what it has, where students sometimes don't feel safe, but safety is our number one priority," Byng Assistant Superintendent Kevin Wilson said.

The sheriff says with the apparent rise in school threats, he has a warning to any kids who think about making one.

"[You're] probably gonna get locked up somewhere, away from home," Christian said,"your life's gonna be disrupted, turned upside down, your whole families life will be turned upside down."