Pontotoc County homes damaged by storm

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PONTOTOC COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - "It was ferocious," resident Jeremy Osborne said.

"It was so fast, I mean I hit the floor and thought oh my goodness the roof is going to be gone," resident Betty Archer said.

Osborn has lived in the Walnut Grove area for the past 50 years.

She says she's never experienced a storm as bad as the one that shook up her home Thursday morning.

"I looked outside and seen all the damage," Archer said.

She says she heard a loud boom around 8:30 Thursday morning.

Several trees in her front yard were knocked down and some even split in half.

"We got 911 called and I had a major gas leak down there, the tree had fallen and hit the gas line and broke it underneath," Archer said.

Sheriff John Christian says gas was spewing from the meter when officers arrived.

"I can't use my shower or gas at all, I can't cook anything until I get that repaired,"Archer said.

Archer's home wasn't hit, but the vacant mobile home across the street was severely damaged.

Fragments and debris from that home even ended up in Archer's yard.

"It happened so fast, I mean I can understand now why they alert people [to] move as quickly as you can,"She said.

"It just happened so quickly, that's what concerned me about it," Sheriff John Christian said,"people didn't have any time to prepare, there was no warning to it, it came and went."

Christian says Byng schools took shelter but no one was hurt.

"You can grow new trees, replace a line, but it's a life you can't," Archer said.

She says she knows the damage could've been much worse so she's grateful her home is still standing.