Pop-up flooding overflows creek in Sherman neighborhood

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Pop-up downpours Sunday morning caused trouble for some locals.

A creek next to home a home of McCall and South Gribble Streets in Sherman flooded.

A viewer tells us in a matter of an hour and a half, heavy rains caused the creek to completely flood, covering the street and seeping into the back room of his home.

He said the creek floods almost every time it rains but usually takes longer to fill up and pour over.

"It usually floods when it rains a lot. Today it took an hour and a half. We had to hurry up and get the towels out. If not we have water all over the house," said Justin Jackson.

Jackson said they've tried to ask the city for help for years but haven't found a solution.

'It's horrible really," said Tajuana Craddock, who lives with Jackson. "I'm just glad we were here. It's to a point where I've used every towel in my house."

The Sherman Fire Department said they performed one water rescue Sunday morning at the Harrison Street overpass due to the quickly rising waters.

Nobody was hurt in the flooding.

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