Pop-up shop selling Trump merchandise in Whitesboro

WHITESBORO, Tex. (KXII) - This Thursday President Trump will be in Dallas for a campaign rally.

And Monday, a merchandise shop popped up in Whitesboro.

The shop came all the way from Minneapolis, Minnesota where President Trump held a rally last Thursday.

Jeremy Boyts doesn't work for the Trump campaign, but he saw a business opportunity arise.

So for four years now, he's been traveling ahead of the president to sell Trump campaign gear, which is how he made his way to Texoma.

"2020, he's gotta win it," said customer Mark Cromwell.

Cromwell is a truck driver and stopped by the Trump Pop-up Shop in Whitesboro Monday on his way to Kansas.

"I seen all kinds of people stopping and buying things and checking things out. And I like to see that kind of support for Trump," Cromwell said.

President Trump will be in Dallas for a campaign rally Thursday, so Boyts and his team are making their way there with a few pit stops.

"We like to consider ourselves like the pre-show hype team," Boyts said.

They've been in Gainesville for the past couple days.

Monday they set up in Whitesboro right off Highway 377 and 82 near Sonic.

"We have hats and t-shirts, we also have flags," Boyts said.

Boyts said anywhere there's a rally, you can find him there selling Trump 2020 Campaign merchandise.

"And then we've been here in Texas every single time, where it's been a complete outpouring of support for the President," Boyts said.

But he said in Gainesville, the shop received some blow back.

"We had plenty of people stop by, throw things, do burn outs in front of the tent to try to you know, deter us," Boyts said.

Stacy Branam said she noticed the tent, but won't be shopping.

"I do believe purely in the freedom of speech. And so if they want to set up and advertise for their candidate, I think that's just fine as long as everybody gets a say in what's going on," Branam said. "Everybody has a voice in this country and so everybody should be able to voice their opinion."

Boyts said shop will be in Denison Tuesday and Whitesboro Wednesday.

They'll return to Whitesboro after the rally and be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. until Saturday.