Grayson Co. woman out thousands in pool scam

COLLINSVILLE, Tex. (KXII) Eight months ago, Jennifer Stewart and her husband had their backyard excavated to install a pool.

They wanted their 16-year-old daughter, who had just been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, to be able to spend time with family while safely having fun during the summer.

That's when they hired Steve Evans with a company called "Custom Stone and Pool Restoration of Texas" to finish the job.

"He started the very day after I got him the money. He worked about 2 and a half days, but then there wasn't really any work really after that," says Stewart.

According to Stewart, Evans dug trenches, bought piping too small for a pool, ran electrical wiring, and then stopped showing up to work. All for a little short of $11,000.

Stewart says she had issues getting in contact with Evans. It's been days since she says she has been able to reach him, and at this point doesn't think she ever will.

For now, Stewart plans to have the project completed for her family, but could end up having the 50 x 30 foot hole filled.

"To know that an individual could take advantage of a family that already has major medical needs and huge expenses, and you know we're just a middle income family. I teach school and I'm trusting of people, just to think that somebody could swoop in to a family and take half their savings is pretty devastating."

We reached out to Evans about this story, but our calls and emails went unanswered.

As for filing a grievance against Evans, the Stewarts say they're only beginning.

"We are gonna try to get some of our money back if we can, but I think it will be kind of hard if he's good at what he does."

She says the experience has taught her a painful lesson.

"Before you give away your money make sure you just really research the company."