Pothole increase in Texoma

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- Rain plus busy traffic means potholes in the roads and in the past few months, Texoma's had a lot of both.

Whether it's along Highway 75 or any street, people in Sherman and Denison said they hit these bumps in the road all the time and they're ready for something to be done about it. But both cities tell us they are working on it.

"And it's just, man it's terrible," Ramone Walker said.

"It's pretty bad," Michael Wilson said.

That's what Walker and Wilson think about the influx of potholes.

Walker has lived in Denison for most of his life. He said potholes have been an ongoing problem.

"I have had to get a front-end alignment on a car and my rim got bent not too long ago and I had to get a new rim replaced," Walker said.

One local repair shop in the area said it's about $85 to fix suspension and alignment issues.

The Texas Department of Transportation blames the rain, about 17 inches in the past couple months, which is double the average.

TxDOT said the busiest roads need the most repairs.

"All the way from the west side to the east side of town. There's potholes all over this town," Walker said.

They said the multi-million dollar Highway 75 reconstruction project will solve a lot of the problems.

The project design should be done by spring.

"I love my city. This road situation has got to get handled," Walker said.

If you're in Sherman and would like to report a pothole to get it fixed, you can contact the TxDOT regional office at 903-892-6529. Or if you're in Denison, you can contact the city public works department at 903-465-2720 ext. 2451.