Pottsboro ISD calls $31.8 million bond election

POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) -- After Pottsboro ISD's $58.7 million bond election failed in November, school officials said they're trying again.

They plan two propositions to be voted on in May.

The first is a $27 million bond for construction of a new elementary school, improved technology and renovations and expansion of the high school athletic training facility.

The second is $4.8 million for a safe room and storm shelter for the new elementary, high school and Cardinal Lane campus sites.

The first bond would be a $13.83 monthly tax increase for the average home, which is $160,000. The second proposal would add $3.11 on average, totaling $16.94 a month with both bonds.

The second proposal can only pass if the first one does.