Pottsboro ISD calls for $58.7 million bond election

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Another Grayson County school district is calling for a bond election in November. Pottsboro ISD is proposing two bonds at $58.7 million total.

The school said they haven't passed a tax rate hike since 1997, but each year, they have been growing at about three percent and their elementary and middle school buildings are at capacity.

They said they also need more space for sports training and want a new multipurpose building. So they're asking for a 31 cent tax increase, or for the average homeowner, about $34 a month.

"Total, we're at 1,442 students, which is the most in school history," Pottsboro Superintendent Kevin Matthews said.

"It is quite a big chunk of change, but we're gonna need a larger elementary school," Cara Brunson said.

Cara Brunson said she moved to Pottsboro in May. Since then, she's seen two more families move in on her street.

"There's so many kids around here and I look at the schools and think how does that all compact," Brunson said.

And with more housing going in on Highway 289, more students are expected. Something Pottsboro Superintendent Kevin Matthews said they don't have room for.

"We're just out of space overall," Matthews said.

There are two bond measures proposed: The first for $54.7 million. It would be a 28 cent tax increase and would cost the average homeowner an extra roughly $31 a month.

Of that amount, $27 million would go to build a new elementary school, $15.6 million for renovations to turn the old elementary school into an extension of the middle school and $12.1 million would be for projects like building storm shelters, athletic facility renovations, technology upgrades and high school additions.

"At the high school, we're looking to add a new career tech culinary arts program to the back of it and a larger art classroom," Matthews said.

The second proposition is a $4 million bond to build a multipurpose building that would serve as an indoor practice facility for all sports.

For the average home, this would add a monthly tax increase of a little more than $3.

"I'm iffy about the multipurpose facility, but they need to focus on the schools first, I personally believe, so everybody gets the education that they need," Brunson said.

"Go out and register to vote, make a decision that you feel is best for our kids," Matthews said.

Each proposal will be voted on separately. Election day is November 7.