Pottsboro library maintains social distancing with drive-in video games

Published: Apr. 1, 2020 at 5:22 PM CDT
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The Pottsboro library found a creative way to maintain social distancing this weekend with drive-in video games.

"We had seen how people were talking about how they wish drive-in movies were still around, and I thought well drive-in movies are kind of boring but we could do drive-in Esports," Pottsboro Library manager, Lindy Meiser said.

Meiser said normally, the flow of kids in and out of the library is steady.

But thanks to COVID-19, now it's empty.

So she knew she wanted to do something.

The trailer outside the Pottsboro Library appears ordinary by day, but by night it's transformed into a screen used for Esports, a form of competition using video games.

"Trying to show our kids that we miss them and that we're still here for them," Meiser said.

So they set up a drive-in Mario Kart tournament to maintain social distancing.

"We did a dry run on Saturday and it worked out really well, the response is way more than we expected, it was huge," Meiser said.

They posted the event to Facebook, and it has gained international attention as far as Australia and the United Kingdom.

"So now of course all the kids want to get involved, and that's what we want, we want them to be involved, but we want them to stay safe at the same time," Meiser said.

But drive-in video games aren't the only thing the library is doing to help people get through COVID-19.

They have free WiFi 24/7 and anyone can access it from the parking lot.

People can also book appointments daily to use the library computer's resources.

"Education, employment, tele-medicine, all sorts of different things," Meiser said.

Meiser said anyone in Grayson County can apply for an Ecard.

"That lets you access all the resources on our site, thousands of Ebooks, all sorts of stuff," Meiser said.

For more information on how to contact the library at (903) 786-8274, PottsboroLibrary@gmail.com, or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PottsboroLibrary/