Pottsboro teen back home months after ATV accident

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POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) -- A Pottsboro teen involved in a serious ATV accident is now back at home after spending months in the hospital.

On Fourth of July, 17-year-old Raden Ivey was in Crockett for a family reunion.

"It's the favorite trip of the year."

But during the reunion, he was involved in an ATV accident.

They're not quite sure what happened because he was alone and can't remember.

"Immediately God had the right people in the right place, at the right time."

Joy Ivey, Raden's mom, says two kids who saw the accident called for help.

And Raden's aunt, a trauma nurse was the first one on scene.

Raden suffered severe head injuries and was flown to a hospital in Tyler and was later moved to a hospital in Houston.

While in the hospital, he received 12 units of blood from donations. He says that's why donating blood is so important and can often save a life.

"He's got about a quarter of his skull is out right now and he was in a coma for about two weeks," Ivey said.

While the diagnosis wasn't good, things for him quickly changed.

Fifty-five days after the accident, Raden walked out of rehab by himself.

"I'm just proud of where I am," Raden said.

Nearly 8 weeks since his accident, he was finally able to return home in September.

But his journey of recovery isn't over, Raden attends physical therapy every week.

"Very mind based. Getting my mind to the level they want me. Helping my speech. It's a little physical," Raden said.

"We don't want him to have a normal life for a brain injury patient, we want him to have a normal life," said Ivey.

Before the accident, he was planning on serving his country by being in the Navy.

"I doubt I'll be able to join the Navy, so my plans now are to be a nurse," Raden said.

"He is going to find his way to serve. He has a servant's heart," said Raden's mom.

Raden is set to meet with neurologist later this month and still has several procedures he will need to undergo.

To help the family with paying for medical expenses, visit the link on the side of this article.

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