Pottsboro voters pass one of two school bond propositions

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POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) -- A close race in Pottsboro ended with one of the two school bonds passing.

The $27 million facilities bond failed by just four votes but voters approved the $4.8 million bond for safe rooms.

"We're a community that's gonna work together," Bobby Hancock said.

For the past few months, voters like Bobby Hancock have been working with the Pottsboro ISD board to come up with a new bond proposal after the first one failed last year.

"I didn't realize how old our buildings were and how many problems the teachers deal with on a daily basis as far as smells and space issues," Hancock said.

But voters once again shot down the school's $27 million request for a new elementary school, an expanded athletic facility and upgraded technology, 413 for and 417 against.

"The school board and administration have done a great job, I just think there's a difference of opinion on how we fund this," Hancock said.

Voters did pass the second proposition for $4.8 million. This means each campus will now get a storm shelter/safe room.

Superintendent Kevin Matthews said in a statement: "The community, board of trustees and staff will continue to evaluate the district facilities and make decisions that are in the best interest of our schools and community."

Hancock said he looks forward to joining that process.

"Pottsboro is a great community," Hancock said. "We have great schools and Pottsboro is really growing so we've got to figure this out and hopefully we'll be able to pull together as a community and we'll make it happen."

The passed proposition will raise property taxes about $3 a month for the average homeowner.