Prepare now for the winter weather ahead

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- Lights, ignition, traction: slick spots could be coming this weekend to a road near you.

So police say it's time to prepare.

"If you have a weak battery, or low tires or something, whenever it gets really cold, that becomes a problem," said Lt. Mike Eppler with the Denison police department.

Before the temps get down to the teens, officers say to test your brakes and prepare for the worst by leaving blankets in the car and wearing warm clothes.

"Fill it up with gas. You don't want to be super empty on your gas tank because there's always a little bit of water in your gas and you don't want your gas lines to freeze," said Bryce Hughes, who was filling up before the cold.

They say to always be sure the windshield is completely clear before driving.

"The trick is, you put the towel across your windshield and then it keeps the ice from getting to your windshield so when you take the towel off in the morning, your windshield's not all iced over," said Hannah, who was filling up with her friends before prom.

Officers say one of the biggest causes of crashes in weather like what we're expecting this weekend is actually lack of traction and that can happen when you don't have enough air in your tires.

So they say right now if the best time to make sure that you have enough air and a lot of gas stations actually have it for free.

"I've never actually had to drive on ice before so I'm kind of worried about it," said Anehelica, a new driver.

Emergency personnel say another leading cause of wrecks in bad weather is hesitation.

"Being cautious is wonderful but it can be just as dangerous, overly cautious is just as dangerous," said Grant Flippo a Texoma EMS Driver.

Driving in winter precipitation or just frozen fog or drizzle can be daunting, so police say eliminating all distractions is key.

"Don't be crazy when you're driving. I mean, obviously it's cold, it's going to rain. Just don't crash," said Hughes.

Officers say just use your head and give yourself more space.

"Slow down. Take a little bit of extra time. Be very cautious about what's going on around you and drive defensively," said Eppler.