President Trump signs bill returning control of Lake Fannin to the county

FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - A legislation signed by the president this week at the White House has a direct impact on Texoma.

More than 2,000 acres of what is now federal land will soon be back in the hands of Fannin County.

"When I came out here the first time, I was like what? I was like this is out here, for real," said Jasmine Clay-hull, who was fishing at the lake.

Clay-hull and her family go to the lake once every two weeks or so.

"A lot of people need to come out here and just see how pretty it is," Clay-hull said.

"This is a historic moment for all Fannin County," said Fannin County Judge Randy Moore.

These 2,205 acres around Lake Fannin have been under the control of the U.S. Forest Service since the 1970's.

Part of the land was closed in 2013 due to a lack of funding.

Representative John Ratcliffe and Senator John Cornyn have been pushing for the last few years to give ownership back to Fannin County.

"How many bills have been signed by the president that have affected your county?" Moore said.

President Trump signed the bill into law Tuesday restoring local control of the land.

Moore said this is just the start of the process.

"So that gets the ball rolling. And we have several things now to do," Moore said.

He said first, the county will survey the more than 2,000 acres.

Then, get an appraisal to determine the cost.

He says they have six months to do both, before the county can make the purchase.

The money can come from in-kind payments and from the county's general budget.

"My dreams is that Lake Fannin will offer all the things that everybody desires when they want to get outdoors," Moore said.

Like the hiking and biking trails, kayaking and canoeing in the lake, even horseback riding.

"If you don't even fish or if you don't even like the outdoors, you can just come out here and it's just so beautiful," Clay-hull said.

"Lake Fannin was the spot everybody came to. And we want to make that happen again," Moore said.