Production of some A/C coolant coming to an end

Published: Jul. 10, 2019 at 6:40 PM CDT
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Hunter Super Techs operations manager Devin Shrum says he's replaced over 70 air conditioning units so far this summer, all new models that don't use R-22 coolant.

According to the EPA, R-22 refrigerant used in some A/C units, also known as Freon, depletes the ozone layer, which is why the product will be phased out.

Shrum says newer a/c models will us a more environmentally friendly coolant, R410A.

"Its more environmentally friendly, less harmful to the ozone than the R22 was," said Shrum.

Starting in January, it will be illegal to produce R-22, and only recycled or reclaimed supplies will be available.

"The new refrigerants are actually less, but if you're using an R-22 system, you'll most likely have to replace or use an alternative refrigerant," said Shrum.

Shrum says the price of 410 could cost up to $60 per pound, while the price of R-22 could be twice as expensive.

"Upgrade your system to the new, more environmentally friendly refrigerant ," said Shrum.

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