Property stolen from Davis storage units recovered in Lincoln County town

Davis police say a man connected a series of storage unit burglaries has been arrested.

Police say John Ricketson, 49, also known as Jonathan Robertson was arrested in Virginia late last month.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office in Oklahoma searched his property and found about a quarter of million dollars worth of stuff taken from storage units in Davis and all across the state.

He was arrested in a stolen car in Virginia on four felonies including receiving stolen property.

"Keep things locked up, even your car in your own driveway," Sonya Wilbourn said.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office told police they recovered stolen items in Chandler on Thursday from all over Oklahoma, including several items snatched from storage units in Davis.

Some of the stuff had been reported missing since October.

It's a crime locals like Sonya Wilbourn just don't understand.

"I hate it," Wilbourn said. "People worked hard for the things that they have and some of it may be personal stuff - things that can't be replaced."

Police tell us a total of 8 units from a variety of Davis facilities had been broken into from December up until just a few weeks ago.

Davis resident, Oteka Mumford, tells us one of those storage units belonged to her co-worker.

"It's just heartbreaking, because the lady that works here, she's an older lady, she works hard for her money and every little bit she's got is what she's got," Mumford said. "(And) then someone comes along and steals it, it's not nice, not nice at all."

Police say the burglar was a highly experienced lock picker - picking locks and then replacing them once he was finished.

"He changed the lock on hers and had the manager not come to her and told her 'you need to check it,' she wouldn't have known it wasn't her lock so they had to cut it off," Mumford said.

They're now urging everyone to check their storage units to determine if they have any missing items.

Meanwhile, we're told a man has been arrested in Virginia that police believe is connected to those crimes.

His name has not been released.

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