Proposed pipe plant met with opposition in Gunter

Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 7:07 PM CDT
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A proposed pipe plant in Gunter is being met with some oppositon.

AmeriTex, a company that makes concrete pipes and culverts, has applied for a permit that would allow them to build a new plant that would cover over 300 acres just to the north-west of Gunter.

Trent Lewis lives near the proposed site, he wants to make his point clear folks around town did not want this plant.

"Gunter residents in general are concerned about the air quality and the increased truck traffic, the damage to our roads and infrastructure," said Lewis.

Gunter city officials and County Commisioner Phyllis James also side with Lewis, as James even requested the help of state representative Reggie Smith and state senator Pat Fallon to also talk the company out of setting up near Gunter.

A proposed meeting with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality was set for the middle of March, but was postponed due to the coronavirus.

TCEQ has since offered to have a virtual meeting, but Lewis said that would not do justice to what he is trying to accomplish.

"We have 100 or more constituents and residents within Gunter that would like to get in front of TCEQ and explain their concerns about the air quality with regards to this project," said Lewis.

Pending the approved petition to meet in person, Lewis wants to make this point to TCEQ:

"The impact to air quality for the magnitude of this project and the proximity to the central city center of Gunter is so close that it effects so many people," said Lewis.