Protest deadline for property appraisals coming soon

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - It's that time of year.

Property appraisals were sent out across Grayson County this month.

And if you're planning on filing a protest, the deadline for most people is in about two weeks.

"I can't afford that. You know, I can't afford to pay that extra," said Paul Sanderson, who is a teacher and bought a house in Sherman last summer.

She recently got her appraisal in the mail.

"Was just totally just shocked, my appraisal had gone up over $50,000," Sanderson said.

And her taxes went up a little over $100 a month.

"And on a teacher's salary that's a killer," said her dad, Paul Bodovski.

"Texas in itself is booming across the state. Grayson is booming," said Grayson County Chief Appraiser Shawn Coker.

Coker said property values across Grayson County have gone up about 10 percent from last year and the current average home value is around $170,000.

He said the reason for the increase is due to growth like new businesses coming to town, new jobs and new homes being built.

So it all comes down to supply and demand: more people moving to the county means fewer places to live, which means your home becomes more valuable.

"It's going to make it very difficult for me," Sanderson said.

Which is why she came with her dad to file a protest.

It has to be within 30 days from the day your notice is sent in the mail.

There's a few ways to do it.

You can either call the Grayson County Appraisal District to set up an appointment, send a letter or going to their website and file online.

Experts said when you go in for your appointment, bring evidence.

For example, an estimate for a repair, the closing statement on your home, comparative market analysis of homes near yours that sold in 2018 or get an independent appraisal on your home and bring that with you.

"If there's still a disagreement, then they can proceed to what's called an appraisal review board," Coker said.

Then Coker said there will be a formal hearing by a panel, who will decide the value between the appraisal district and the property owner.

Sanderson said shes hoping for the best

"Something we can both be happy with. The appraisal district and myself," Sanderson said.

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