Pushmataha County building closed due to budgeting issues

PUSHMATAHA COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- Recent budgeting issues in the state of Oklahoma has had an impact on Pushmataha County and one of its nutrition centers.

"They've had to cut out of our, in district which is about seven counties, they've had to cut two to three centers that provide meals for the elderly," Pushmataha County commissioner Michael Brittingham said.

One of those centers was located in Clayton.

The site of the nutrition center was closed down two months ago.

A big loss to the county and its residents.

"Some of these people, that's their only meal per day that they take, because of the financial burden it puts on them," Brittingham said. "It's take their money for their prescriptions for the rest of their money."

Instead of letting the building set empty, county commissioners decided to give the old health building to the sheriff's office where they will make it into a substation.

"That will give them an office and a place for people to come to do interviews, report crimes and stuff like that instead of driving 40 miles to the south end of the county," Pushmataha County sheriff BJ Hedgecock said.

Even though the facility will become a substation for the Sheriff's office, Sheriff Hedgecock says he and many residents still want to help get the nutrition center back up and running.

The sheriff's plan is to raise the money with fundraisers and try to receive grants for the center.

"Like I've always said, Push County, when in need, everyone gets together and tries to help," Sheriff Hedgecock said.

Sheriff Hedgecock hopes to have the money to get the nutrition back up in a month or wait for the grants to come in which could take about a year.