Pushmataha County donates to Harvey relief

ANTLERS, Okla. (KXII) -- After posting on his Facebook page to help with donations for Harvey relief, Pushmataha County Sheriff BJ Hedgecock says he's seen his county step up.

"My wife and daughter got to talking about it, so we posted it on Facebook and the supplies started rolling in," Pushmataha County Sheriff BJ Hedgecock said.

The Sheriff's office has been collecting everything from diapers to canned foods.

The donation drive started on Monday and continues through today

With the Texas Gulf Coast struggling, the sheriff knew he had to give back.

"I couldn't imagine being in that problem and you know I feel for them and the law enforcement down there is trying to save the people," Sheriff Hedgecock said. "I mean they've lost everything and a few little items means a lot to people."

Deanna Blount has two sons and a grand child living in the Houston area and will be delivering all the donations this weekend.

"It makes me proud of this community because you know a lot of people don't have much to give and for them to give items that are of great value, canned chicken, you know it's not the cheapest," Deanna Blount said. "It's not like they're giving just soup, they're giving good products here and I'm proud of them for that."

Sheriff Hedgecock says the generosity of Pushmataha County will hopefully shine a light on a community that needs it.

"Anytime we have asked for any assistance with the fire department stuff, even though we are a very poor county, the people here are all great hearted," Sheriff Hedgecock said.

"And it's just so easy for everyone to just give a little to make a difference for somebody else," Blount said. "Why should we not do it?"

The sheriff's office is still collecting items through Friday and will be delivered by Blount this weekend.

As for Blount's family, she says they are safe and in fact, they are volunteering in the area helping those who need it.