Pushmataha County jailer arrested after incident with inmate

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ANTLERS, Okla. (KXII) -- On Tuesday, Pushmataha County Sheriff BJ Hedgecock was approached about an incident that happened in the Pushmataha County Jail.

"I was informed in the morning I came into the office that we had an incident with a new recently hired jailer that just got moved to a shift by himself," Sheriff Hedgecock said.

According to Sheriff Hedgecock, the jailer was in the wash room performing a sexual act with a female inmate.

After having an investigator review the evidence, they brought in the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation to investigate the incident.

"Interviewed the female, interviewed some of the other inmates, we reviewed the video of what had happened," Sheriff Hedgecock said. "So, I terminated the employee immediately."

Timothy Byers was arrested shortly afterwards as he faces second degree rape charges.

Byers just finished his month long training to be a jailer after coming back from the Marine Corp.

Sheriff Hedgecock is frustrated that the incident brought a black eye to the county.

"I hate that it happened in this county. It's aggravating to me," Sheriff Hedgecock said. "I've tried very hard to come out of that. I believed he was a good candidate with a military background for that position, but I was fooled."

On Wednesday, Sheriff Hedgecock took to his Facebook page to apologize and hopes to move forward from the incident.

"I'm responsible for whatever happens at this sheriff's office," Sheriff Hedgecock said. "If there's a shortfall that happens, I will take full responsibility for it and deal with it."

Sheriff Hedgecock told News 12 depending on funding, he would like to shorten the jailer's schedules so that a jailer doesn't have to be alone.