Rampant robocalls plague Texoma phones

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Phones nationwide and here in Texoma are receiving millions of spam robocalls every month according to a company that researches phone calls made in the United States.

YouMail CEO Alex Quilici says it is cheap for scammers to send thousands of robocalls out. It only costs them 12 cents if they connect with someone who answers the phone.

Elsie Russell is a Denison business owner who uses her personal phone for work.

"This has gotten out of control, where you can't even use your phone normally," she said.

Russell says she receives many spam calls every day.

"It has increased so much it's a constant. It happens several times a day, if not more than that every day," she said.

According to YouMail two robocalls are placed every second in 580 area codes, while nine robocalls happen every second in the 903 area code.

Nationwide, 4 billion robocalls were made in August.

Quilici says 30-40 percent of all calls on any given day are robocalls. He says it is a cheap way for scammers to make money.

"If I wanted to annoy the city of Dallas, I can upload an audio file, put in a couple ranges of phone numbers, pay a little on a prepaid debit card and I've now launched calls to everyone there. It only takes a few of those calls to be a successful scam to make it worth my while," Quilici told us.

The YouMail website says the most common robocaller to the 903 area code is from Houston, claiming they are a health insurance company.

Russell says these calls come regularly.

"I recognize those, and so I will send those to voicemail. Then I try to block it, but that takes time to go in and set the call up and then block that but once you block it they send a new one on a new number. So it's very irritating."

Quilici says the scammers are adapting to take advantage of unsuspecting callers.

"You can't trust the phone number what it really says it is, you can't trust what the caller name says, and you can't trust the person on the other end of the line is who they say they are. It's sad, but that is the new reality."

Quilici says to never answer unknown phone numbers. Search for the number online to see if it is a valid number, and if you do answer the phone don't bother pressing the number on the keypad they say will take you off their call list because the scammers will change their number and call you again.

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