Randy Travis' friends, family react to approval of DWI footage release

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TIOGA, Tex. (KXII) -- More than five years after the crash near Tioga, dash cam video showing Randy Travis' DWI arrest is set to be released Friday to the public.

A federal judge denied the country singer's request to stop the release but that's not stopping his family and friends from continuing to fight.

"My first thought was leave the man alone, he's been through enough," Myrt Mitchell said.

A petition is circulating the web, Randy Travis' friends and family hoping to prevent the release of the dash cam footage showing Travis naked and ranting during a 2012 DWI arrest.

Myrt Mitchell signed it and knows Randy and his wife well.

"He's done so much for this town," Mitchell said.

Travis has been in a long legal battle to stop the release of the footage.

"There's arguments that you give up your privacy rights when you do things in public," Joe Brown said.

Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown prosecuted Travis for the DWI.

"When all this happened, I knew that the fight would be over the tape, not the criminal case, because it's much more damaging than having to go through the criminal justice system," Brown said.

Troopers said he was lying naked in the road near his home in Tioga after wrecking his 1998 Trans Am in August 2012.

Five months later, Travis cut a deal with Brown, pleaded guilty to DWI and got probation. A local judge also agreed to destroy the video, but the judge's order was later revoked in appellate court.

Many news organizations including KXII filed Freedom of Information Act requests for that dash cam video.

"There's been back and forth in various courts for the last four or five years until today," Brown said.

In the online petition, Travis' attorney states that the singer got a concussion in the crash and therefore the footage is covered under federal medical privacy laws. Plus, his attorney states that Travis had a stroke in 2013 and he can't speak for or defend himself about what the footage shows.

"They don't need to be drug through the ringer," Mitchell said.

Thursday, a federal judge shot that down, saying it has to be released on Friday. Mitchell said she wants news organizations to think twice before airing it.

"Leave it alone, get rid of it, I mean what good is it going to do," Mitchell said.

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