Ravia family remembers child accidentally electrocuted last month

RAVIA, Okla. (KXII) - "I never ever thought I'd ever have to bury one of my kids," Williams said.

It was the morning of Oct. 3 when Skyler Williams says her daughter, 4-year-old Lily Minyard was chasing their puppy inside the house.

"The puppy went in-between the washer and dryer and went on back around behind the dryer," Williams said. "She had tried to get the puppy and I told her to stop."

Williams says someone then knocked at her door.

"I answered my door and the last thing I heard of my daughter was 'Ow,'" Williams said.

Williams ran back to the laundry room, moved the dryer out of the way and found her daughter had been electrocuted by a bare wire.

"I picked her up and I was like Lily mama wants you, you need to wake up," Williams said.

Williams carried her daughter next door to city hall where EMT's arrived and preformed CPR on Lily before taking her to Mercy Hospital in Tishomingo where she was pronounced dead.

Lily was the middle child of five children.

"I try to keep them out of the laundry room," Williams said. "My oldest goes in there, talking to his sister and he thinks that she's still there - so it's been rough, he wants to see an angel."

Williams says friends, family, community members and even Lily's teacher at her Pre-K school came together to support their family.

Altogether they raised about 4 thousand dollars for the family to help pay for Lily's funeral service.

"If it wasn't for everybody's help and support then I wouldn't got to have a beautiful service for my daughter," Williams said. "I don't think I'd be able to go through this by myself."

Williams says she wants other parents to hear her story and learn from the accident that took her daughter's life.

"Keep an eye on your kids, you never know what's going to happen next," Williams said. "Love them and hold them tight - especially your babies cause I don't get to hold mine anymore."

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