Ravia man still in the hospital after colliding with train

RAVIA, Okla. (KXII) - A Ravia man is in the hospital after his SUV collided with a train Saturday night.

One person was flown after a car collided with a train in Ravia (Johnston County Sheriff's Office)

Troopers say he went around the flashing railroad crossing arms before he was hit.

"When it collided, glass shattered everywhere and just carried, literally carried the car away," said Tanner Hinton.

The crash happened right before Hinton's eyes. He was stopped on State Highway 1 near the tracks around 9 p.m. Saturday. Hinton's wife was in her car on the other side of the tracks with their two daughters.

"At their age, being as young as they are, it was hard for them to process," Hinton said.

He sais he saw another car cross the tracks just moments before the train came.

"It was just a major collision on about the third car. My wife seen it on her side of the tracks and I seen it on mine," Hinton said.

Troopers say the driver of the SUV, 51-year-old Joe Lyons, went around the flashing railroad cross arms and was struck by the train.

Officials say the train pushed that SUV about a half-mile down the track, pinning Lyons inside. First responders had to walk on foot to get to the SUV.

Ravia Volunteer Fire Department Chief Curtis Parker says a second train was stopped on the opposite side of the tracks and believes it blocked Lyons' view of the oncoming train.

"I was sitting for no more than five minutes, and it was just unusual to me that they were trying to beat it so quickly," Hinton said.

Troopers say Lyons was flown to an Oklahoma City Hospital in critical condition. Parker says Lyons is still in the hospital, but he is no longer critical.

The conductor was not injured.

"The best thing to do is not to beat the train. Just sit there and wait. Eventually, they will move," Parker said.