'Reality Check' financial literacy event hosted for Plainview high school students

Published: Mar. 4, 2020 at 6:39 PM CST
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High School Students in Ardmore got a little taste of adulthood as they took part in a learning experience to promote money management Wednesday.

"I was surprised about how much money you actually spend on each thing in your life and how much money you don't have left at the end," junior Lauren Austin said.

Austin was one of more than 160 juniors and seniors at Plainview High School who got a dose of reality.

"I think that it's a really big eye opener for all of us because I don't think we quite realized how tough it'd be to manage our expensese and stuff but this was really impactful for all of us, I think," senior Brock Parham said.

Each student got a job, a family and, most importantly, a budget which they soon found out did not go too far.

There were also some unexpected expenses the students had to endure.

"I got two tickets and I had my Dr. Pepper out and I ended up getting pulled over for drinking and driving." (Parham)

is a group of financial professionals who work in Ardmore with the goal of providing financial literacy.

Kayla Tweedy works as a financial advisor and helped organize the event.

"It’s just strictly to bring financial literacy to the students, provide a reality check for them, " Tweedy said. "Get them in the know of what utilities are and what they're going to have to provide for themselves when they graduate high school and go on to college and they don't have their parents there to foot the bill."

Tweedy said this was the first event of its kind for the area and plans to bring the program to other schools in southern Oklahoma.

"That's our goal is to prepare them for life and give them a reality check and answer their questions now before they can get out there and make those decisions," Tweedy said.