Recovery efforts from fatal accident on Roosevelt Bridge continues

Published: Jun. 24, 2018 at 9:05 PM CDT
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One lane remains open on Roosevelt Bridge as crews continue recovery efforts for the body of the driver inside the semi that is submerged in Lake Texoma.

"We are opening it and closing it as work is being down underneath the bridge for the safety of the divers and the crew," Oklahoma Highway Patrol's John Ivey said.

Thursday afternoon the semi and another car collided on the bridge.

The car caught fire and the semi, carrying paint products, went off the bridge and into the water.

Both drivers were killed.

Their identities have not been released.

"The main objective is obviously get the body (out) first and then go from there," Trooper Ivey said.

Trooper Ivey says a master diver assessed the semi in the water Saturday night and found the damage was more severe than they thought.

"They believe the trailer is still attached to the tractor so they will have to reevaluate and figure something else out before they could actually get it both out," Trooper Ivey.

Windy weather conditions also interfered with Sunday's recovery efforts.

"The weather is not cooperating at this time so they're trying to reevaluate how they are going to re-anchor the boats to get the stuff down there that they need," Trooper Ivey said.

"We're just praying for the families and the people involved and for the rescue workers, it's a tough job," resident Monty Wood said.

Monty Wood says Thursday's accident left locals wanting a speed limit change on the bridge from 55 to 35 miles an hour.

"It would save a lot of lives if they would just limit the speed limit across the bridge, that would help a lot of people out," Wood said.

Trooper Ivey advises drivers to be cautious in the area as rescue efforts continue on Monday.

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