Red Cross giving away $400 to any family affected by Harvey

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FANNIN COUNTY, Texas (KXII) -- It’s been 18 days since Hurricane Harvey ruined thousands of homes and displaced over a million people. In response, Texomans opened their hearts and their wallets, but many wondered where exactly their money is going.

Now, people who donated to the American Red Cross have some answers.

“We're rolling out a program to folks affected in 39 of those affected counties and giving them direct financial assistance," said Douglas Crowson, the executive director for Red Cross Texoma. "It's around $400 a family and I think so far just in literally over a day over 100,000 families responded to that.”

The Red Cross began giving money directly to families on Sunday. Anyone affected, American citizen or not, can apply online and receive their money in whatever way they choose.

Sharon Sanders is one local volunteer who spent nearly a week in Dallas shelters. She saw the impact of the money first-hand.

"Tears just start flowing," Sanders said. "They know they can go see their loved ones.”

Along with directly helping victims, Sanders wanted to see her community give back. That’s where Ector schools came in.

“We decided to start a drive for a week or two and send it with his grandma who is a Red Cross volunteer," said Nathan Essary, a 10th grader at Ector High School.

They’re taking the donations to a local shelter in Grayson County housing Harvey victims.

"Thanks to the American people, we received these funds and can push it out to the people," Sanders said.

The Red Cross received more than $46,000,000 in donations. Anyone affected who wants to get their money is asked to visit their website.

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