Red Cross preps students on emergency preparedness

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MADILL, Okla. (KXII) - Wednesday morning the Red Cross with help from the Madill Fire department, taught first graders about fire safety with Pedro the penguin.

It's a statewide program that started this year.

Their main points - talk to your parents about an escape plan, stay low to the ground when there is smoke -

"If you do have a house fire, get out, stay out, don't ever go back in and get anything," Fire Capt. Mike Idleman said.

Capt. Idleman also told students the fire department gives out smoke alarms and will install them free of charge.

Third graders got introduced to the pillowcase project - an idea that started after Hurricane Katrina hit.

"There were students going around with pillowcases, carrying the only belongings they had left in them, so they brought that back and thought that'd be an excellent way to help kids prepare and put things in it that they need in an event of an emergency," Linda Medford said.

Disaster program specialist Linda Medford says the pillowcases were provided by Disney.

She says each one is filled with items like a booklet to list phone numbers and medical needs, a whistle and an emergency blanket.

Each of the third graders got their own.

The Red Cross officials say it's also up to parents to help keep their family prepared.

"Share what you expect, what you want them to do so it's not as stressful," Red Cross volunteer Donna Hill said.

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