Relationship issues deemed motive in Denison homicide

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- Denison Police said it's still in the early stages of a murder investigation that took place at a home off Monterey and Armstrong early Sunday morning.

"I was just outside smoking a cigarette and we did hear gunshots," said a Denison neighbor. "Two or three, not very many. Just a couple and that was in the evening, it was still dark."

This Denison resident said her street was flooded with police.

"Was told by some friends of ours that the streets were completely taped off, blocked off," the resident said. "A complete crime scene early Sunday morning."

The 911 call came in around two A.M. Officers found Daniel Olvera Hernandez dead outside a home after being shot several times with a handgun.

"Yes he's a good guy, yes," said Herndandez's friend and neighbor Raul Navarro.

Navarro knew Hernandez for 20 years. He said Hernandez fixed homes for a living .and he's having a hard time dealing with the loss of his friend.

"Somebody killed my friend," Navarro said.

But the suspected shooter, 45 year-old Denison resident Reynaldo Cruz, was found sitting in his car at the Sherman Walmart parking lot. He was taken into custody for murder. His bond is a million dollars.

Police said the motive of the shooting was a relationship issue, but they're not giving more details.

But neighbors said they're going to keep a more watchful eye on who is on their block.

"Things happen everyday," the neighbor said. "I mean we're obviously safe and sound and obviously Denison PD is doing a good job, so I'm not really worried at all but just keep your eyes and ears open."

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