Renovations finish up at Ardmore Middle School

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Ardmore Middle School is finishing up repairing the damages from a flood that happened inside the school two months ago.

A fire retention pipe had burst inside a closet at the school, flooding the entire west side of the middle school.

Kids were out for a week as maintenance crews worked to dry out the building.

Superintendent Kim Holland says they spent about $135,000 repairing the gym floor.

Holland says they've also replaced the carpet and got new kitchen equipment that was damaged from the water.

"The Ardmore City Schools family is a great group and when there's something that needs to be done they pull together and get it done, very proud of them, " Holland said.

Holland says the next phase is furnishing the classrooms to prepare for the kids coming back to school next month.

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