Renowned muralist showcasing work in Texoma

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- Jerod Davies, also known as D-TOX is part of the Davies Brothers from Dallas, three brothers known for their artwork all throughout the country.

On Saturday, D-TOX began finishing his Butterfly Mural on South Rusk Street in downtown Denison.

For over a decade, making murals has been his full time job.

"So I've been paying all my bills for 13 years with this and so just to tell all the young people and aspiring artists, you can can make a career out of this. You just have to get in there and move some paint around," said Davies.

The mural is financed by city council member Brian Hander through the sales of his books.

The mural is all part of making the alleyways more inviting for the new streetscape project next year.

"I come from an artistic family and I love painting the world in many colors," said Davies.

He says that the colors on these butterflies represent everything and everyone, with the wings being purposely left unfinished to allow visitors to insert themselves into the picture.

It's a mural that is expected to last for many years to come.

"And they're actually bursting out into all these colors, so its kind of released into the world," said Davies.

On his to do list is a mural that the community can work with him in Denison.

The plan is life size wire outlined coloring book where residents can fill in the spots.

He says he hopes the project will fulfill his true calling.

"One of my calling is to kind of make community engagement, or community activation type things, I love bringing people together, and art brings people together," said Davies.