Report filed for credit card fraud in Sherman, possibly due to skimmers

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- A woman said her card may have been skimmed at a grocery store in Sherman.

When she went to the bank, four other women were there for the same reason.

On Saturday night, Miranda Juneau said her debit card got declined.

"And so we checked the charges, and we had a charge pop up that was in Arlington Texas for about four hundred dollars," Juneau said.

She immediately called her bank.

When she went to dispute the charges in person at a Sherman branch, she realized she wasn't the only one.

The same thing happened to four other women.

Their cards were all used in the Arlington area around the same time.

"That they had fraudulent charges on their card, their cards were still in their possession, the charges ranged from four hundred to possibly six hundred dollars or so," Juneau said.

Between the five women, each had gone to one of two Sherman grocery stores and either purchased gas or something in the store.

And what she thinks is the culprit?

"They're putting skimmers somewhere," Juneau said.

"A device they put on the gas pump which captures your card information when you use it," Sherman Police Sgt. Brett Mullen said.

With these skimmers, just the simple swipe of a card could be scam.

So Juneau filed a police report.

"Credit card, debit card abuse is where someone uses somebody's credit card or debit card information or steals their card without their consent and uses it," Mullen said.

Mullen said Juneau's was the second report of card abuse this month.

He said most people don't go to the police, but just report it to their bank.

But he said going to the police is the first thing you should do, and be sure to bring documents

“Such as your transactions, things like that, your card information and your bank information," Mullen said.

In the past year, skimmers have been reported all over the area.

A tech found them on inside a gas station machine in Sherman in December.

In Paris, similar devices found at Kwik Check and Valero.

In Marshall County, four reports from a Valero station.

Two people arrested for skimming money from an ATM in Ardmore.

"They need to let us know so we can investigate it and we can determine if that is an issue," Mullen said.