100-year-old Johnston County newspaper ceases publication

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TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KXII) -- A 100 year old Johnston County newspaper printed its final edition last week and members of the community said they are heartbroken. "We have really lost, it's like a member of our family," Sue Robbins said.

Sue Robbins said it was a eerie feeling knowing there wouldn't be a new edition of the "Johnston County Capital Democrat" on her doorstep Thursday morning.

The paper published its final edition last Thursday.

"It almost brings tears to my eyes to know that we don't have it anymore," Robbins said.

The issues started when long-time publisher Ray Lokey died of cancer in November.

Offers from buyers to purchase the paper were rejected now, it's out of business.

And the loss is affecting more than just its readers.

"They've been our outlet for informing the public on basically everything that we do here in the way of law enforcement services," Sheriff Jon Smith said.

Smith said his office must use social media to get information to residents, something Robbins says she doesn't like.

"I don't go online for that (and there's a lot of people just like me) we don't mess with the internet," She said,"we look for the paper. It's vital to this community that we have a paper."

Jenny Lokey, Ray's wife now owns the paper.

She wouldn't go on camera or release any information regarding the paper at this time.

According to an article in the most recent edition, two offers were made to buy the paper last week.

The first was rejected, and the second hasn't received a response.

Staff members resigned on Friday.

"I really hope that in the future, there's something that can come out of a bad situation and it will be the paper opening again," Robbins said.

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