Locals heartbroken about two suspicious fires at historic bridge

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GRAYSON COUNY, Tex. (KXII) - In less than a week, the historic Carpenter's Bluff Bridge in the outskirts of Bryan and Grayson Counties has been hit by two fires. Those fires are now being investigated as arson.

The bridge has been connecting people in Texas and Oklahoma since the early 1900's. People who live close by this bridge said they're heartbroken to hear vandals have taken their toll on this historic bridge.

"It's had quite a history," said Hendrix resident Bill Capshaw.

Capshaw remembers swimming and playing at the bridge as a kid and growing up in nearby Hendrix, he and his family would have to cross it often to run errands in Denison.

"We would be on the wooden deck in a car and a train would come on the bridge and the whole bridge would shake," recalled Capshaw. "And my mom was crying and just having a fit about it and us boys were just like 'yeah yeah this is great!'"

The bridge was built in 1910 for travelers crossing the Red River on foot or even horse and buggy and later constructed a railroad track on one side which is now covered by concrete.

Cars were able to cross the bridge until it closed down last summer when the new bridge was built.

"It's a very neat bridge," Capshaw said. "A lot of people when they see it they can't believe it's a very long bridge."

The bridge Capshaw remembers so much as a kid has been hit by two small fires within a few days of each other. Authorities calling the fire suspicious.

But for people like Capshaw, it will always be an important part of local history.

"I'm glad we have a new one," Capshaw said. "But the old one still has a pace in my heart."

As of now, no suspects have been named.

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