Residents in 30 homes salvage items after Lake Bonham flooding

BONHAM, Tex. (KXII) - More than 15 inches of rain have submerged homes in feet of water at Lake Bonham. Now, residents are looking for any items they can salvage.

Gina Bullock straps on waterproof clothes and waders Monday, braving waist-deep water to get to her Lake Bonham home.

"We kept thinking it would stop, but the rain kept pouring down all night."

Bullock is searching. For clothing, supplies, medicine.

But most of all-- she is searching for memories.

"Especially when you don't know how long you have with your loved one," she said.

Bullock's husband Bo has stage four cancer.

The two moved into their home on Oak Ridge Road on Lake Bonham in February for peace in his final days.

"This was the perfect place to bring my husband for the time God has given us."

Bo had been getting chemo for six hours Friday.

That's when it started to rain-- more than 15 inches.

Lake Bonham got the worst of it.

"We opened up the French doors and took a canoe in, just loading his medical supplies in," she said.

About 30 homes on the lake were flooded.

"We did not know the extent of the damage until we got out here, which was pretty severe. Even though it's lakefront, we didn't expect it in the roads," said Texoma Red Cross Disaster Program Manager Michael Leirer.

The American Red Cross has been helping families since Sunday. They are offering cleanup kits, food, water, medical supplies and housing for anyone who needs help.

Bullock smiles as she wades back into the murky water-- hopeful.

"We keep praising God. We know he'll carry us through this."

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