Residents, officials frustrated over lengthy Marshall County road project

MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - The $3.5 million Enos Road construction job that ODOT started in April and Marshall County supervises was set to wrap up in August.

It is now January.

Enos residents and other Lake Texoma communities say their patience is thin.

"Just from a perspective that this was supposed to be completed in three to four months, and here we are eight and a half months later and it's been excuse upon excuse," one man said. "It's been extremely frustrating for the residents down here."

People say the construction detours are not only time consuming. The detour roads were not meant to handle the nearly 2,500 vehicles a day that they are seeing now, with cars taking damage from the roads.

"There's people that are a little more patient than others, but everybody feels the frustration," the man said.

Chris Duroy, Marshall County District 3 Commissioner, said he is just as frustrated with the project.

"Not all projects go 100 percent right," Duroy said. "With this traffic, we really needed one to go right on this road and it didn't."

Duroy said problems with utilities, equipment, a wet Autumn and the recent fire at the asphalt plant in Marietta have set back the project several times.

The bottom layer of the road is nearly complete.

Duroy said laying asphalt for turnouts for mailboxes and driveways, striping and drainage as well as the top layer of asphalt could be done in about three weeks if there is good weather.

A tentative back up plan would be to finish the current layer, stripe it and open the road to drivers.

Then crews would finish the top layer in spring when the weather is nicer.

However, Duroy said the contractor is at a point where they are losing money with the project going on so long and would like to complete it.

Duroy said the contractor will not be paid until he approves and signs off on the completed project.

Meanwhile, Duroy asks for a little more patience.

"I'm doing what I was hired to do: build roads," Duroy said. "And sometimes it's not very pleasant and this one has not been very pleasant."

Shay Road and the northern part of Enos Road are set to undergo construction later in 2019.

Duroy welcomes anyone with concerns regarding Enos Road to meet with him at the Marshall County Commissioners meetings on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 9 a.m. in the Marshall County Courthouse.

The next meeting will be on Tues. Jan. 22 due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Mon. Jan. 21.

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