Residents say Carpenters Bluff Bridge construction creates road danger

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UPDATE (Thurs. 8:55 a.m.): An ODOT representative says the contractor now has flag men directing traffic during daylight hours and is opening up the highway to two lanes after dark.

LAKE TEXOMA (KXII) -- Crews are working quickly to get the new Carpenter's Bluff Bridge finished, but residents on both sides of the Red River said they are concerned about one blind spot the construction has caused.

There is a stretch of FM 120 that is a blind curve, and construction has narrowed the road to one lane.

Gail Burk drives across the old Carpenter's Bluff Bridge several times per week, because she lives in Kemp, Okla. and shops in Denison, Texas.

"They are building the new bridge and it probably is because it is 100 years old," Burk said.

She said construction of the new bridge hasn't bothered her until now.

"We've been doing okay with road work, there hasn't been any problems until this happened," she said.

Burk said the stretch of FM 120 prior to crossing into Oklahoma is a safety hazard. "They have this blind curve here with no flagman, and you are taking your life into your own hands when you go around it," she said.

The road is narrowed to one lane. "I've had to back up a couple of times and that is hard to do on a little tiny one lane area," Burk said.

Drivers like Wanda Cooper said they feel the same way.

"You cant see right around that curve and they don't have their signs out so the people don't have the notice, and there is nobody out there to tell them," Cooper said.

Residents have asked how long the road will be like this, and so far they haven't received any answers from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

"They just give us the runaround," Burk said. "They pass the buck so to speak."

KXII has asked representatives from ODOT for comment, but so far no one has responded to our request.

The new bridge is scheduled to open this summer.

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