Restaurant landscape changing in Sherman and Denison

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - What just months ago was home to Catfish King, could be home to a popular family dining restaurant.

Records show Applebee's Corporate has filed a building permit with the City of Sherman to renovate this space and turn it into a new location.

"We got about 30,000 people a day that come to Sherman to shop, lets make sure we have as many dining options as possible," said city of Sherman spokesman Nate Strauch.

Strauch says Applebee's hasn't come out and said if they will keep two locations open, but he isn't worried about a vacancy lasting long.

"All the buildings that are turning over are turning over quickly, moving from one owner, one tenant to the next. That's what we like to see, we don't have a bunch of buildings sitting empty because the economy is really strong right now," said Strauch.

But as some doors open, one is closing for good.

"I am retiring at the end of the year," said Eddie McEwen, owner of Eddie Mac's burgers.

After 25 years of business, McEwen is hanging up the apron and spatula, with hopes to see the world with his wife.

"I'm almost 69 years old, I'm ready to retire, and we want to travel while we're young," said McEwen.

"We'd come every Wednesday, and they would see us pull in, our drinks were ready and he was already working on our order when we got to the window," said customer Carla Murphy.

Even McEwen says he already has potential buyers for the space he uses now, who knows, another burger joint could make its home there soon...

"I just want to thank my customers for being loyal customers and dedicated for coming to Eddie Mac's all these years. Some of them eat here five days a week, which I can't understand but they do," said McEwen.

Over in the Gateway Village, is where the city of Denison says a new burger restaurant Culver's, is slated to open by the end of the year.