Restoration begins for damaged art sculpture

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII0-- The restoration process has begun for a nearly $100,000 art sculpture vandalized two months ago.

In 2009, the Goddard Center in Ardmore acquired Jesus Morales' sculpture Disc Sun, only six years before Moroles passed away in a car wreck.

"Jesus Moroles was an internationally known sculptor," Ken Bohannon, Director of the Goddard Center, said. "to have him here doing pieces of work for the Goddard Center in the years past was great."

But in September. video captured a group of kids swinging and tugging on the piece, damaging it.

Suzanna Moroles, the sculptor's sister, was upset when she heard about the vandalism.

"Every piece that he made is just a part of our family, and our integrity, and our soul." Moroles said.

She and her husband, who worked alongside Moroles for years, now travel restoring his damaged artwork like the one in Ardmore.

"We want to see all of the pieces live on." Moroles said.

They began work taking the 1,200 pound piece down Monday, and now are ordering a new base to finish the restoration once it arrives in three to nine weeks.

Insurance is covering the $25,000 restoration.

"You hate to see a piece of work damaged, but we're moving forward, we have great plans for the Goddard Center here in Ardmore," Bohannon said. "We're looking at some expansion projects down the road, and we hope to incorporate all of the sculptures garden into our new concept."

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