Road conditions improve, roads refreezing still possible

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Drivers hit the road with caution Saturday after ice and snow wreaked havoc around on Texoma Friday afternoon.

Friday was full of wrecks all across Texoma.

"We were skidding all over the place so we just decided to go back home."

"I live in Whitesboro and in town and on the streets in town, were very slick."

On Friday, Sherman police went to more than 35 accidents, Denison went to more than 20, Whitesboro had four and Howe had two.

That's why Curtis Clark says he chose to stay home Friday night.

"I was actually coming from Tioga and I could tell the roads were getting bad so I went home and I parked my vehicle and stayed in the house," Clark said.

But TXDOT crews were out treating the highways and off and on ramps Friday night and early Saturday morning to ensure better road conditions.

And Shelley Bissell says their hard work, paid off.

"Everything seemed pretty clear, especially in Tom Bean they seemed to salt everything but it wasn't that bad starting out today," Bissell said.

Teri Weaver, from Sherman, also says driving around town Saturday was a lot easier than it was on Friday.

"Well yesterday I was driving fairly slow because you never know when you're going to hit ice, black ice and today it's ok, it's melting, the suns out its great."

Although many road conditions have improved, some spots may refreeze Saturday night.

Drivers are encouraged to use caution and stay indoors if they can.

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