Reported road rage incidents higher than ever

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Road rage seems to be all the rage lately.

"I've gotten flipped off probably twice just from miscommunication through cars," said Samantha Rodriguez, who lives in Sherman. "So it's just a whole whirlwind of love," she laughed.

Aggression on the road has escalated recently.

"Nearly 80 percent of drivers admitted that they expressed some sort of road rage type behavior," said Daniel Armbruster, a spokesperson for AAA.

That can mean anything from an angry word under your breath to flat out confrontation.

"Not only in those instances do you cause minor wrecks b ut also major wrecks," said Robin Pierson, who is the co-owner of McCullough and Pierson, a Sherman insurance agency.

With the upcoming holiday and lower gas prices, Pierson says there will be more drivers than ever—and more anger coming along with it.

"People wanna travel over the holidays, but we're also battling really busy schedules," Pierson explained.

In rare occasions, that anger can turn in to a violent confrontation.

"Don't risk confronting someone else and escalating the situation because you never know what another driver is going to do," Armbruster said.

Last week, three separate incidents of road rage in Dallas caused one person to die, and left two people with serious gunshot wounds.

Back in June, arrests were just made for a road rage incident in 2016 that left a Denison resident without a leg.

With the Fourth of July bringing many drivers to the road, keep in mind that although cars may create anger, nothing is worth risking putting yourself in danger.

"Turn on your radio and realize it's not that big of a deal, you're gonna get to point a a lot quicker if you take your time," Rodriguez said.

AAA experts have some advice for those taking to the road Tuesday:

-Be sure to always stay patient

-Plan your route ahead of time

-Most importantly, never get out of your car.

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