Rock Creek superintendent resigns following controversy

Published: Jun. 10, 2019 at 6:36 PM CDT
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Rock creek school board member Myron Wilson says former superintendent Preston Burns resigned due to a culmination of issues, but thinks the school board should also be held accountable in his resignation.

"Felt like it was the best interest for all involved, especially in the best interest of the school for him to resign," said Wilson.

Wilson says the board unanimously voted to accept Burns resignation last week.

He says part of the board's decision stemmed from a raunchy video a high school coach and teacher showed his class in December.

That teacher/coach kept his job.

"Inappropriate behavior that I personally as a board member think was not addressed appropriately. They were very vulgar, inappropriate and racist. In my view, very inappropriate for a classroom setting," said Wilson.

Wilson says the school district agreed to buy out Burns' contract, which includes all of the upcoming school year.

According to the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Burns annual salary last year was $118,000

"We have a situation here where we have to fulfill the obligation of a long term contract. Now I realize that may not be in the best interest of the school to have these long-term contracts," said Wilson.

When asked if any parents are pulling kids out of Rock Creek Schools, Wilson says they don't yet know if this decision will effect enrollment for the upcoming school year.

"The best solution perhaps at this time, and just ask that the community will try to understand," said Wilson.

Burns did not return our calls for this story.

The Rock Creek school board will meet Thursday at 6 pm to address the open superintendent role.

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