Rockport man rebuilding life in Sherman after Hurricane Harvey

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) Weeks after Hurricane Harvey hit, one Rockport man is starting to rebuild his life, here in Sherman.

Red Talley tells us he was sitting in his living room when high winds and water blew the roof right off of it.

"My son text me and said its going to be a category 4 and I said yeah I'm sure it is."

Hurricane Harvey hit Rockport on Friday August 25th.

Talley was in his home that night when according to the National Weather Service winds hit speeds more than 125 mph.

"The windows blew out of the house and took me out into the yard and I was crawling around trying to find a safe place."

These pictures show all that's left of Talley's home after the storm.

Because it was destroyed, he was forced to take shelter in his carport where he says he stayed for a week until he was able to get a hold of family in Denison.

Talley says clothes and a few important documents are all he was able to save.

"Of course he was glad I was still alive and everything. We had no power, no water, no gas, no nothing."

Talley has since registered for disaster assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

A representative with FEMA says it should take days to weeks before Talley receives help.

For now, Talley has moved into his new apartment here in Sherman.

"I'm a veteran, I'm on social security. What the heck am I supposed to do."

Talley says he hopes to get at least $3,000 from FEMA, and has already started looking for a job.

He plans on making Sherman his new home.

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