Roff couple in need after losing home to explosion

Published: Mar. 22, 2018 at 4:03 PM CDT
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It's been a difficult two weeks for the Thompson family, their home in exploded leaving them with nothing.

"Oh it's terrible, I mean I doubt if there's anything you can even pick through," Homeowner Rickey Thompson said.

Rickey and his wife Donna are in need clothes, furniture, toiletries and most of all, a new home.

Theirs burned down on March 8 after firefighters say an electric heater possibly caught a couch on fire, causing several oxygen tanks to explode inside the home.

"I tried to get it out for a minute and I saw it wasn't going to go out, Rickey said," I wasn't going to be stuck in there with it, and I left."

Rickey escaped moments before the explosion.

"I came rushing home and all I seen was fire, and my grandsons was screaming Papa," Donna said, "and I thought he was still in there."

The couple says they lived in that home for nearly 30 years, now they must start over.

"It was everything, I mean we raised all our children here and we were planning to stay here forever you know," Rickey said.

"We'll rebuild, we'll put something back here," Donna said.

The Thompson's have been staying with relatives and spent a few nights at motels.

The First Baptist church will host a barbecue fundraiser on March 30.

The meal will include chips and drink, proceeds will benefit the Thompson family.

The local Masons will match proceeds the Church raises.

"It's tough but I'm getting by one tank at a day, one tank at a time," Rickey said.

Contact the First Baptist Church of Roff to make a donation to the Thompson family.

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